Gower Salt Marsh Lamb

We can hardly believe the journey we have been on over the last 15 years. 
In 2004, having grazed herds on the salt marshes for many years, Rowland and Colin took the leap and started marketing and selling their Lamb as 'Gower Salt Marsh Lamb'

We acquired a trailer and 2 fridges and made a start with John butchering the Lambs, whilst Rowland hand wrote the labels and ties the bags. We will always look back at 2004 with fondness and wonder at how we managed it. 

Since then, as the awards have been received with pride, and thousands of people introduced to the unique Salt Marsh Lamb flavour, we have left the trailer for a renovated farm building specifically designed for the butchery of our Lamb at Weobley Castle. 

The unique environment where the sheep graze gives the meat its distinctive and very special flavour that is so sought after by connoisseurs of fine meat, and is applauded by top chefs and restaurateurs alike. This award-winning Welsh Lamb is of the highest quality.



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