C & M Organics

C&M are an innovative fam­ily farm is on a mis­sion to bring vegetable and organic farming back to Wales.

The Young family are growers, distributors and importers of Organic fruit and Veg. The team are able to supply a large amount of Organic veg through thief own collective of Growers in Pembrokeshire. They prioritise local produce first and work further afield and the seasons change such as fruit and brassica from the boarders.

With short growing seasons here in the UK the Young family have also set up an ethical import business where they can get hold of the more exotic and unseasonal good such as avocados and fruit from abroad. the produce is alway organic, fair trade checked and is imported and ripened in shipping containers rather than air freight. 

Local is always priority and C&M work further afield as the seasons change.

Anna and Co are also helping us get some awesome produce from Pembrokeshire to Swansea every week including Hyphae Shroomy and Ritec Valley Organics, 



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