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We are changing the way you shop with us. The times are changing, and if you have a second we would like you to listen to our story.

FarmCo started as a part time venture in our kitchen back in 2018, built out of a passion of well made, locally produced food. With the help of small scale farmers and food makers in Swansea, we were able to get local produce to the wider community.

We were lucky enough to work with Bluebell Coffee and Kitchen in Sketty to create a Food Market feeding over 100 families a week with great local food. It took off and this new way to shop allowed us to work with over 20 local farmers and food-makers and helped us meet you guys, FarmCo Folk - our community.

We did pretty well but we had a bigger ambitions and we didn't quite know how we were going to get there. 

In March 2020 that changed, overnight.

We went into lockdown and our orders doubled, then tripled; landing at the end of the week with 10x our usual turnover. We very quickly needed to find a bigger venue; lots of phone calls were made and thankfully, our friends at Nomad saved the day by offering their space to us. We thought we had it down. Then, due to reasons beyond our control, we were unable to continue using our Packing Shed in the Gower (some of you will remember picking up from here).

We’ve come a long way from then. We have worked hard to create our amazing Market Hall in the Mardy Estate in Kingsbridge, have an incredible website (thanks Jack), and have completed over 10,000 orders (thanks guys). 

We soon realised that you guys share our passion of top notch, local food, as well as being as kind to the Earth as possible. And we want to make it even easier for you to get! 

The big plan.

We are creating a space where community is welcomed. We plan to do pop up food events with our new kitchen, where you can meet our producers and makers and eat their yummy food. 😋 We will have an adaptable warehouse where we can pack your home delivery orders, grow our Click and Collect service so you can come and pick up anytime; and have a incredible place to show off our produce.

What happened? 

In short we are very nearly there. But we need your help.

Life got busy again, and the FarmCo Order Cutoff has been and gone before we know it. That’s why we want to open up the Market Hall; to make it more convenient for you guys. 

Right in the middle of the build, cost of materials doubled. We underestimated the climate, and orders dropped... tenfold. With a cost of living crisis, we all face new challenges.

But we are so close to finishing, we need to make it happen.


A Market Hall - A Contemporary Food Hall - To celebrate local produce.

At our food hall we want to extend our click and collect service and home delivery offering local produce from our collective of Farmers and Food Makers to be available everyday.

We want to create product's in our kitchen for the Market, think Good Food to go, Smokery and Grass Fed Butchers.

FINALLY - Offer a retail experience to allow you to drop in and shop.

To do this we need to:

Complete the build - £3k

Update refrigeration -£4K

Kitchen Equipment - £1.5k

Shelving - £1k

How you can help

By choosing one of the rewards below you would be helping us massively and helping to build our local food community. If its too much to ask then please consider taking a look at our online shop, even if you buy some tomatoes... every little ... helps (Stolen from our friends at Sainsbury’s)


Thank you for listening.

Jack & Leah 



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