Pasture Fed Tomahawk
Gower Meadow Beef

Pasture Fed Tomahawk

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An on the bone rib steak, known for its thickness and flavour and perfect for the sharing or cut into steak!

All our beef is sold frozen unless otherwise stated. It is rapidly frozen on day of collection from the abattoir. Due to our small herd size where nature conservation and welfare standards are priorities, we can only sell frozen products to ensure a near continuous supply.

Pasture fed cattle have lower total fat levels than grain fed animals. You will notice that our beef has yellow fat. This is caused by the anti oxidant Beta carotene. Pasture fed beef has high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for brain function and development. It also contains higher levels of CLA and is richer in many vitamins and minerals than grain fed beef. To find out more visit

Our beef is aged for 21 days which gives it a full flavour and dark colour



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