Organic Strong Wholemeal Flour 1kg
Bacheldre Mill

Organic Strong Wholemeal Flour 1kg

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Bacheldre organic stoneground strong wholemeal flour makes full-flavoured and satisfying bread. Wholemeal wheat flour, also known as wholegrain or wholewheat flour, retains the flavour and nutritional value of the wheatgerm.

Bacheldre organic stoneground strong wholemeal flour is suitable for baking by hand and with bread machines. It includes a recipe for a wholemeal loaf.

Bacheldre Mill is run by husband and wife team, Matt & Anne Scott. When they first came across the mill in the Welsh marshes, it was a working museum grinding around a tonne of grain a month. There’s been a watermill at Bacheldre since 1575, and when they bought it the Scotts decided it would be fantastic to keep the tradition alive.

They may use electric motors, but the Scotts still use traditional millstones. These preserve the natural goodness and flavours in the wheatgerm, and has helped Bacheldre Mill’s flours win awards and become the flour of choice for some Michelin-star chefs. Almost all of the grains they use to produce their flour are organically grown here in the UK.

Ingredients: wheat flour. Contains allergens: gluten.



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