Môr ketchup- with seaweed
The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Co

Môr ketchup- with seaweed

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Môr Ketchup (previously called Kelpchup.) The very first and finest seaweed ketchup in the world. Think next-level brown sauce! A serious game changer for the kitchen table.

Môr Ketchup is a mix of two different organic seaweeds, Sea Spaghetti and Bladderwrack which is blended with organic apple cider vinegar, tomato puree, Captain Cat’s Môr Seasoning, and several spices. The Sea Spaghetti and Bladderwrack seaweeds are hand harvested from UK waters in a sustainable manner. The seaweed is then washed, dried, and toasted to enhance its natural flavours.




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