Gammon Joint
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Gammon Joint

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Joints are approx. 1.5kg

The Collar Bacon Joint is cut from the shoulder of the pig. This area of the pig creates excellent joints of pork for roasting and boiling, making them very tender and juicy. Collar Joints are beautifully marbled with fat which results in the most amazing taste. Best served hot and whole, they make a great alternative for a Sunday roast.

Free range pork produced in Craig Cefn Parc, Swansea. Our pigs are native breeds that live outdoors in a natural environment that results in high quality meat.

Our pigs have a free-range life and are free to roam pasture and woodland on the 50 acre farm. They live in small family groups and their natural diet of pasture, nuts and acorns are supplemented with a barley and pea mix, along with fruit and veg from local suppliers.



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