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About us


Ffilter Coffee Roaster is a specialty coffee micro-roastery based in Gower, South Wales. They focus on ethical and sustainable sourcing of high quality single origin green beans from around the world. They roast coffee in small batches to highlight the unique flavours of each bean.


They care deeply about quality coffee and exploring the wide varieties available. Ffilter’s mission is to bring their customers on this journey of discovery by making coffee accessible and delicious to all.


Ffilter Coffee Roaster source small batches of green beans so have a regularly changing stocklist. So if you prefer pour-over, moka pot, or espresso there will be something to suit your taste.


Our current coffee selection:


Guatemala - Hunbatz


A hibiscus tea body with a fruit nose. Notes of peach, red grape, blueberry with a raspberry jam finish. More suited to espresso based drinks but also makes a delicious pour over cup.


Keyna - Ainabtany


A light and clean cup with orange and lemon citrus nose. Blueberry sweets and dried fruits. Brewed as a filter brings out the best of this light roast but can be a really interesting light espresso


Columbia - Decaf


A well rounded body with bright acidity using a variety of green beans from Columbia. Suits a simple black coffee but is also delicious in espresso based drinks.



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