Parc Carreg

Parc Carreg is a small mixed farm run on Regenerative & Organic principles.

When we started farming on Parc Carreg 5 years ago, it was 10 acres of pasture. Since then we’ve planted thousands of trees, hundreds of blueberries and flowers; around which we rotate 50 breeding ewes and just under 400 ducks.

We've subdivided Parc Carreg into many smaller paddocks with tree rows between them. We graze and rest our pasture in cycles to improve grass growth and increase the carbon captured in our soil. By adding trees into our pasture (a.k.a silvopasture), we have further improved our farm’s carbon sequestration capacity.

We want to create a naturally resilient and healthy farm, full of life and vitality We want a farm that provides habitat for insects and wildlife, that retains water during drought and absorbs water during high rainfall, that captures carbon in the soil, that is naturally fertile and without reliance on synthetic fertilisers, or pesticides.



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