Gorwydd Caerphilly 240g
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Gorwydd Caerphilly 240g

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Gorwydd Caerphilly is matured for longer than most farmhouse Caerphillys, giving it a unique depth of flavour. It has a firm, lemony, lactic core and a creamy more savoury layer just beneath the rind which is known as the Breakdown. These complex flavours have helped Gorwydd win its many awards, including Golds in 2017 at the British Cheese Awards, the Artisan Cheese Awards and the International Cheese Awards. Shelf Life: 7 Days Indeed Gorwydd is so tasty and so highly regarded that we just had to stock it, despite the fact that it’s no longer made in Wales. Gorwydd was originally made by Maugan and Todd Trethowan, on their farm near Llanddewi Brefi in the Teifi Valley. Maugan and Todd have recently moved to continue their cheese-making in north Somerset



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