Dairy Free Cream

Dairy Free Cream

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This is the one you've been waiting for! If this webpage is acting like it knows a lot about you right off the bat that's probably because some form of this comment: -Hey Oatly! Are you ever going to make a whipped cream?- has been piling up in our social media comments and inboxes for years so even though you are just a mild-mannered webpage reader who probably never asked about this product you were thrown in with all the people who did but you know how product webpages can be. The point is thanks to our amazing food scientists Whippable Creamy Oat is finally here! And it is awesome whether it is or isn't the one you've been waiting for. Whipped easily when cold and even easier with an electric whisk.

This is a Chilled product, and needs to be stored between 2-8 degrees Celsius.

This product is Vegan.



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